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I can help do a general declutter in a specific area of your home.  Perhaps you have guests coming to stay and the spare room needs clearing out.  Are you re-decorating your lounge or kitchen and need to clear away outdated and unused things to make way for the new?   Has your loft or cellar become inaccessible as there is so much stuff hiding there?   Please do get in touch and we can talk though your individaul requirements.


If the toys are getting out of hand even though you have bought more storage then I can help you sort through them objectively and sensitively.  Perhaps you have been inundated with hand-me-downs and need help sorting through what actually fits and is suitable.  You may be expecting your first child and just need help clearing out the spare room and setting up the nursery.  Having had two children of my own, I have been through this and would love to help you bring a sense of calm!


Even though we live in the digital age, we still have lots and lots of paper coming into our houses!  If you always have piles of unopened post, bills that need paying, filing to do, school letters to action, or just a mountain of catalogues that have no home I can help.  By understanding how you and your family live, I can make suggestions and help you create systems that help you stay in control of your paperwork for good!


If you are looking to put your house on the market but know you have too much stuff to present it as a spacious and neutral home, then I can help you achieve this.  Just by boxing up some of your possessions and moving furniture can make a huge difference when it comes to making a good impression.  I can help you work objectively and hopefully help sell your house more quickly.  I can also help you un-pack your possessions and organise them when your move house.


As many of us lead busy lives, we don't want to start the day trying to find an outfit that fits or is coordinated.   If your wardrobe is full but you never seem to have anything to wear, I can help you sort through things objectively.   I can also take unwanted items to the charity shop (for a small additional fee) or make suggestions on suitable selling sites to help turn your clutter into cash.


Creating beautiful outdoor spaces is another one of my passions as it's not just inside our homes that can affect the way we feel, it can start as soon as we walk up to our front door.  Our houses say a lot about us, and a good first impression is really important.   If your front garden/driveway lacks curb appeal then I can help tidy away toys, make suggestions for planting and colourful flowers for your pots. 


If you have lost a loved one and have to sort through their things, and perhaps sell their house, it can be a difficult and time consuming task.  I can work with you at your pace in a compassionate and sensitive way.


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