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I really can’t praise Sarah highly enough. If you want a professional declutterer, my advice would be “look no further”. My flat was a complete nightmare with mess beyond description! (some of it still is, we’re in the middle of doing it!). I had arranged for a friend to come and help me, but was so embarrassed by how ghastly it looked, that I felt I had to find a professional declutterer. From the minute I met Sarah, I felt at ease and comfortable and didn’t for one second feel she judged my chaotic home. I didn’t know where to start as I was completely overwhelmed by it all, but Sarah came up with ideas that made complete sense. I am absolutely amazed by how much we have already done in a short space of time and completely delighted with seeing space again! Sarah is just really good at the job - organised, calm, warm, non judgemental, helpful. She has a knack of encouraging me to get rid of things without in any way pressuring me. It is a huge relief to have found someone who can get me back to having a home again. I would be more than happy to recommend Sarah to anyone thinking of doing a major declutter. Thank you Sarah!

Ms G, N London


Sarah helped me to unpack on my move to the area. I hadn’t met her before but she was diligent, hardworking and relentless at helping us sort all the rooms. Sarah asked us really useful questions and gave advice about how best to utilise our space. She was helpful, trustworthy and wonderful to have around. I wouldn’t have been able to have moved so efficiently if it wasn’t for her. Thank you.

Mrs M, Hemel Hempstead (via Facebook)


Amazing! Sarah’s passion and warmth to help create a home with space for living well, is wonderful. After her visit, I felt encouraged by the progress we had made but also inspired and motivated to keep making progress! I highly recommend her and her work to anyone wanting to invest into their home and quality of life!! Thank you Sarah.

Mrs A, Hemel Hempstead (via Facebook)


Sarah helped us sort out the downstairs of our house.  Before she arrived it looked like a jumble sale but when we were finished the house was transformed into a tidy and orderly place.  Sarah is very gentle.  She does not bully her clients into throwing away possessions but instead helps the client make the decision.  I would recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to declutter.

Mrs W, Hemel Hempstead


I turned to Sarah after my workroom became so full of files, books, papers and even camping gear that it was becoming virtually impossible to work in there. Sarah helped me work out what things needed to be easily accessible and what could be stored out of sight, and then we rearranged how to fit it all together. I never thought I'd need a declutterer but as a single person I found it really helped to have someone there to suggest ideas and help me work out what was worth keeping and what needed throwing away. She didn't impose her ideas but just suggested ones that I hadn't thought of, and we then discussed what might be the best solution for me. Now my workroom is usable again and it's infinitely less stressful to work in there. Thanks Sarah!

Ms A, Hemel Hempstead


Sarah is absolutely fantastic and I would highly recommend. Worth every penny as all my children’s clothes are sorted which has saved me soooo much time! Thanks Sarah I will certainly be using her again!

Ms H, Hemel Hempstead (via Facebook)


I highly recommend Sarah, who has been a huge help in bringing order to some rather cluttered cupboards and drawers in our house, and in helping sort through some of the clothes our children have outgrown. Well worth the money!

Mrs H, Amersham (via Facebook)


Sarah was so gently straight forward about everything & very helpful with sources & suggestions; she also took my unwanted stuff away to a charity shop for me. Highly recommend her professional services. Sarahs' worth more than the weight of bags she took away in gold! Thank you Sarah.

Mrs M, Hemel Hempstead (via Facebook)


Friendly efficient service and Sarah works with you, rather than telling you what to do! Recommended.

Ms H, Chesham (via Facebook)


Sarah at a place for everything came to help with my children's messy playroom.  Sarah made some very helpful and practical suggestions and helped to declutter the playroom with me which helped enormously.  Sarah's calm, easy manner made it easy to work with her and her help made the children's playroom so much more organised and easy to manage.

Mrs C, Boxmoor


I really appreciated Sarah coming round to help me declutter my cupboard and I am so pleased with the result.  I was apprehensive about letting someone else see the state of the cupboard, but Sarah was very reassuring and made me feel relaxed within moments.

Sarah was extremely organised in her approach to decluttering and had brought along everything we needed to get the job done! We soon had piles for the charity shop, shredding, rubbish or to keep! Sarah was sensitive in the way she handled the contents of the cupboard and was careful not to open anything that looked private or confidential.  The end result was amazing and I would definitely recommend Sarah and I wouldn't hesitate to use her services again!

Mrs R, St Albans


I just want to thank Sarah for coming to my aid and encouraging me to get on top of things. Sarah came and helped me deal with my cellar that had become a dumping ground. The great thing about Sarah's business is that when you feel like there's too much too much stuff to cope with, she helps you to focus and deal with things one thing at a time- and quickly. Thanks again Sarah.

Mrs C, Hemel Hempstead


Our house felt like it was bursting at the seams and I was finding it really difficult to get rid of stuff and get on top of things. I wasn’t sure how someone else could help me with this. I felt I just needed to get on with it no matter how challenging it felt.

When Sarah came over I felt a bit embarrassed about the clutter but Sarah put me at ease. I felt like she understood me and didn’t judge at all. She has a calm, warm manner and asked great questions to help me figure out what my priorities were. I felt she really listened to me and understood what I wanted to achieve. She worked alongside me to focus on one specific area. I found it really helpful in the end having someone else there who could be objective.

She was really supportive and didn’t push me to do more than I was ready to. She gave me some good organisational and planning tips. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone looking for an organisational service.

Mrs E, Hemel Hempstead














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