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Sometimes an accumulation of stuff is more than just clutter (also often referred to as “a hoard”) and can represent an underlying emotion that a person is experiencing such as anger, grief, stress, depression or low self-worth.  Counselling can be valuable to help address these underlying difficulties before practical help to deal with a cluttered home can be sought.   Supporting a person through counselling can help reduce the anxiety of having to deal with letting go of the clutter. 



Local Counselling Services (Hertfordshire)

Silvia Maguire, counsellor of Vida Counselling Hub is based in Watford and works with clients that struggle with letting go of their possessions.  Her approach is Person-Centred, the purpose of which is to focus on a client’s difficulties and needs by helping them to find better ways to understand and manage their concerns.



Hoarding Support Organisations

There are also organisations that provide specifc support for people that have hoarding issues.


Help For Hoarders


Hoarding UK

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